Christmas Season (Ginerbread) HERO 1745x


  • Wax Melt Lover

    Every month
    For those that like a scented home on occasion.
    • 4 wax melts, popular fragrances of the month.
    • A random selection of the most popular fragrances.
  • Wax Melt Enthusiast

    Every month
    You have your home filled with aromas more often than not
    • 8 Snap Bar Wax Melts
    • An assortment of our best sellers.
  • Wax Melt Fanatic

    Every month
    You use aromas daily and can't live without candles
    • Tealight Melter
    • 2 x Wax Melt Bars
    • 1 x Luxury Scented Candle (55hr Burn Time)
    • Includes one popular fragrance candle. And two popular melts

"Don’t waste your money on Jo Malone, these candles are ACTUALLY better. They smell Devine and the scent lasts even when they have been blown out. I’m definitely buying these all the time now and will be getting them for Christmas Presents for all my friends"


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