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Hi I’m Jason Mitchell and I’m a full time Mental Health Nurse who created Kingswood candles back in 2019.

At the time, I was struggling with my own mental health, and so took up candle making as a way to relieve my stress and anxiety. The candle making process was indeed a challenge, however, the trial and errors of succeeding gave me a warm sense of achievement and relaxation, and a new found joy for candle making!


Gradually I began making them at home in the kitchen, and after many, many hours of crafting (and wax spillages!), I had created my first batch of candles.

A family friend came over to visit, and whilst I was test burning the very first Kingswood fragrance (Gingerbread), they loved the candle that much, they went home with two! This was the beginning of the Kingswood business.

What started off as a therapeutic hobby, steadily emerged into a flourishing business!


My first market debut was featured at the Warrington Maker's Markets in June 2021, in which I won an award for

Highly Commended in General Retail!

All my candles are made with care, attention to detail, and most importantly, with happiness and dedication. Thank you for checking out my website and supporting a local business, and I hope you will be part of the ever growing Kingswood family!


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All our products have been collected from sustainable sources.

At Kingswood candles we only use recycled carboard that we use to pack our orders and mail out to our customer, the filling to secure the order is comprised of bio gradable materials that break down in nature.

the secret ingredient


we use only the purest soy bean wax, meaning the wax is 100% natural and not damaging to the environment or to animal. 

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