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Candle Wax Before Melting

What are your products made of?

All of our wax melts and candles are made with 100% Eco Soy Wax, which are sustainably and ethically sourced

Candle in Glass Jar

How long do your candles burn for?

Our 30cl candles have an approx. burn time of 50-60 hours. Ensure you trim the wick between each use, and allow at least a 4 hour burn time on the first use to ensure a full melt pool.


How much burn time do you get with the wax melts?

Each segment of a single wax bar provides between 8-10 hours of fragrance burn time- some fragrances last longer. 


How long do the car diffusers last for?

Approx. up to 4 weeks of fragrance, but may be slightly less on hotter days, as the oil will evaporate quickly. 
Oil refills can also be purchased to top up the car diffusers! 
If you are switching to a different fragrance, please make sure to let the diffuser lid dry out for at least 48 hours before replenishing the diffuser. 


How do I remove the wax from my burner?

Light a tea light under the burner (or turn on your burner if it is electric) and after about 60 seconds, the wax should soften slightly and pull away from the sides, making it easy to slide out the wax in one piece. We would recommend using some tissue or a dry cloth to do this.  

Use a heat-proof silicone mould to put your wax melt in, and place at the top of the wax warmer- this makes it easier to clean out the wax!

How do I use my Car Diffuser?

Step-by-Step Car Diffuser.jpg
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Are your fragrances pet friendly?

Most of our fragrances are safe to use, however, we advise our customers to use essential oils, such as- Eucalyptus, Oud Wood, Lavender, Cedarwood, Lemongrass. When using the oils, we recommend just 2 drops of oil in your burner/diffuser.
Oils are not advisable to use for owners who have reptiles or birds.  

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Can I use the oil in the bath, or use on my skin? 

Although the oils are made with natural ingredients, we would NOT recommend this, as the oils are made for the purpose of fragrance use, and not for cosmetic use.
If oil comes into contact with the skin, please wash the area with clean water. 
Please see our oils page which provides their key  ingredients.  

Yellow Envelope

When will my order be delivered?

Please allow 5 working days for processing before being posted,  however, during busy periods there may be a slight delay. Please send us a message if you need your order urgently and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

The orders will be posted by Royal Mail 2nd class tracked and signed, this will reduce any worries of lost packages.

If you would like faster shipping then this can be arranged, just let us know via the contact form on the website and we will adjust the delivery charges.

Man Scanning a Product

My order hasn't yet arrived?

Please let us know via the contact form if you haven't received your order, and we will do our best to track it down for you as soon as possible.


Can I refund my order after delivery?

If you wish to return your order then please let us know within 7 days of receipt of the item. We are happy to refund the full amount provided the products have not been used, damaged, and remains in its original packaging. 

Shipping costs are at customers' expense.​

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