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Founded in Cheshire, Kingswood Candle Company is proud to offer exceptionally high quality craftsmanship.

Our soy wax products were born & thrive from a desire to gift luxurious fragrance that is naturally derived and eco-friendly. Kingswood Candle Co. uses only the purest of soy bean wax & quality fragrance. Using essential oils for a clean burn throughout the entire life of the candle. All of our products are 100% handmade , vegan friendly, phthalate + cruelty free + long lasting. Kingswood candles embrace a clean and simple aesthetic specifically to suit any décor or personality.


  • For those cosy nights in, let yourself be comforted by the deliciously baked aromas of our Gingerbread Candle. Sumptuously infused with essences of warm Caramel, Cinnamon spices, and scrumptiously delicious Gingerbread!